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Connecting the World, One Hotspot at a Time

Would you like to make extra monthly income with zero effort on your part?

Well now you can by helping to provide coverage for the Internet of Things (IoT). On average our hosting partners are earning around £10 – £50 per month without lifting a finger.

How Does it Work?

We install a small device around the size of a dinner plate and a short antenna in your loft or to the side of your house which provides around 10 square miles of coverage for IoT devices.

Every time a device uses the network or another close by hotspot pings to yours, we are rewarded with $HNT tokens.

How much will I earn?

The price of $HNT and the amount of tokens mined will vary, but we estimate each hotspot owner will earn around £10 – £50 per month with our cash payment option.

You can choose between cash payments or we can pay you directly in HNT tokens which could exponentially grow in value over the years making your historic earnings much greater.

This All Sounds Too Good to Be True

How much power will the unit use?

The beauty of this technology is it uses a tiny amount of power, around 5 watts per hour (that’s 10x less than an average light bulb). If we use the national average of 20p per kilowatt hour, that means the unit would cost less than 2p a day in electric to run.

How much data will the unit use?

On average the device will use around 1 – 3GB of internet per day. This is around the same as 30 minutes of Netflix in high definition or around 90 minutes in standard definition. Most internet packages are unlimited or at the very least 1,000GB meaning it would use 3% – 6%.

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